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Insulation Glasses - Temperlable solar low-E


Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass is Şişecam Flat Glass’ heat and solar control glass.

The coating provides heat and solar control properties at the same time.
Heating and cooling expenses are reduced.
Provides alternative solutions to projects with its different performance choices.
In accordance with architectural trends, provides solutions to safety requirements which is rising in line with expansion of the glass surface area and increase in glass thickness. It eliminates the risk of injury by dividing into small pieces which are not sharp, when breaks.
Reduces condensation on glass surface.
In winter cold spots, in summer hot spots by windows are eliminated and heat inside the room is radiated equally.
Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) manufactured with Şişecam Solar Control Low-E Glass reduces heat loss from windows by 50% compared to ordinary IGU. Therefore effective heat insulation in winter is provided and heating expenses are reduced.
It also decreases solar energy transmission by 40-65% compared to ordinary IGU. Therefore it keeps cooler in summer and cooling expenses are reduced. Tempered heat and solar control glass is approximately 5 times more durable than annealed heat and solar control glass.
Besides applied on clear float glass, temperable Solar Control Low-E coating can also be applied on green, gray, bronze and blue body tinted glass on demand.
For different combinations http://www.sisecamduzcam.com/en/business-segments/architectural-glass/performance-calculator
Translucency: The percentage of light that passes through the glass.
Daylight Reflection: The percentage of light that is reflected by the glass.
Solar Energy Total Translucency: The percentage of the total sun heat that affects the indoors.
Shade Coefficient: Comparison of the total translucency of solar energy with 3 mm colourless glass.
Heat Conductivity Coefficient (U value): The measure of the heat escaping outdoors.