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Human Resource

Human Resource Policy and Strategies

We believe that competitive advantage in the market is gained by technological capabilities as well as with the existence of well trained and competant employees.

We aim to build a strong workforce through the following policy and strategies;
Act according to “our employees are our most valuable asset” belief,
Respect the rights of the employees,
Recruite talent personel that share our values,
Use competency as the only selection criteria among applicants,
Create the understanding among emloyees that there is a balance between “employee rights “and his/her “duties and responsibilities”,
Build employee training programs on periodical personel competency evaluations,Implement a fair and consistent personel evaluation system which takes into consideration the job’s properties, employee’ competence level, employee’s contribution to the job and his/her performance,
Improve the organizational structure and job contents  continuously  in order  to quickly adapt to changes happening in the market and educate the workforce convenient to these changes on time,
Execute periodical Employee Satisfaction Poll and consider the results as a source of improvement programs,
Our Values
   Our employees are our most valuable asset; We give priority to our employees’ wealth and safety conditions and the needs to increase their job capabilities.
•        Our customers are our future; We believe that a sustainable success in the market could be realized by persuing our customers’ expectations on time and satisfing them beyond their expectations continousely.
•        Vaste elimination is a must; We know that our customers do not pay the cost of activities which do not create a value for them. We eliminate all kind of vaste such as customer claims, breakages, excess stocks, waitings etc.
•       Continous improvement is the road to excellence; We relentlessly promote the search to excellence by continous improvement programs and we believe that this is the most valid way to manage the change.
•        Use systematic approach and take decisions based on data; We evaluate all of our processes with system view and solve our problems with a systematic approach and take decisons based on data analysis.
•        Internalize the proactive approach and right questioning; We encourage all employees to take preventive actions in order to eliminate the problems and in case of a problem occurence to ask the right question: instead of ” who did it?” ask ” why was it happen and what was the source of it?”.
   Work as a team; We develope a working environment generating mutual benefits for all employees instead of interpersonel competition. We always share the succes as well as the difficulties.   
   Code of ethics are our guides; We generate trust and behavioral consistency within the company through our code of ethics which are valid in all of our activities.
Code of Ethics
All members of StarGrup perform their activities in relations with customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders according the YORTEL Code of Ethics which are briefly as below.
        •   Compliance with laws, regulations and company procedures
        •   Honesty and Confidentiality
        •   Transparency and Openness
        •   Imparciality
        •   Confidentiality
        •   Existence of communication channels
        •   Employees responsibilities
Accomplishing  all duties and responsabilities taking place in job description and given instractions,
Wearing cloths suitable to job environment
Does not making any discrimination among all employees and treating everyone fairly and equally in compliance with moral values,
Effective usage of company resources,
Correctness of given information and not sharing confidential information,
Conflicts of interest
Duties outside of the company,
Gifts and entertainments,
Close relatives and friends
Relations with other companies,
Relations with customers and suppliers,
Relations with competitors,
Relations with governmental autorities
Disipline Sanctions
Despite all training efforts, all verbal warnings if an employee violates YORTEL Code of Ethics one of the below sunctions is executed;
Written warning
Wage cutting
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Believing that our employees are the most valuable asset of the company we will create the best possible healthy and safe working environmental conditions across our organization within the framework of the principles of OHSAS 18001.
In order to realize this objective at every stage of our operations  in our workplaces we adopt the following basic approches;
Define occupational health and safety hazards, identify hazards and put in place controls to manage them,
Prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases by determining the route causes, take necessary precautions and reduce workplace accidents and illness,
Examine occured work accidents and take preventive actions,
To engage and motivate staff with better , safer working conditions and to constitude
Occupational Health and Safety culture and turn it into a lifestyle, 
Make risk assessments by the participation of the employees and reach the acceptable risk levels,
Use the safe equipment and appropriate technologies for a healthy and safe working environment,
Meet the relevant standards and requirements in the field of legal obligations for Occupational Health and Safety, 
Create consiousness about the principles of OHSAS ( Occupational Health and Safety reguirements) by continous training of  the employees, sub-contractors / suppliers and their employees, visitors. 
Execute yearly training programs for all employees and define the content and duration according to the hazard class of  each operation,
Review all health and safety conditions at each new investment and projects.
Enviromental Policy
In order to maintain the world as a living place for coming generations we will carry out all environmental protection activities in YORTEL within a framework of principles of Environmental Management System  EN 14001 and all other related regulations.
As a result of our responsibility toward the protection of environment we adopt the following basic principles at our workplaces;
Review all environmental issues at each new investment and project,
Develope new projects to improve the environmental performance continously,
Increase environmental counsiousness of employees, customers/suppliers and their employees, visitor by implemantation and training,
Define and identify environmental hazards and impacts in cooperation with the workers and take necessary precautions,
Use all natural resources, raw metarials and auxiliaary materials more effectively,
Eliminate the waste and recycle the natural resourses as much as possible in order to prevent environmental pollution,